3 Simple Truths About the Power of Art & Writing

Writing is born out of pain. Extreme pain. Really bad stuff happens and then people feel bad about what happened. So, they write. And that writing manifests itself in sounding either dissociated from the world, numb from the pain or boldly striving to enlighten the world with newfound knowledge born from having endured the pain... Continue Reading →

3 Signs You’ve Got the Virus of Procrastination

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, do you know who you are? Do you know what you are? Are tired of procrastinating? Do you constantly set reminders and plan schedules that end up on the back burner while you manage to do other important things? Do you find yourself spending hours working on a... Continue Reading →

1 Secret From a Social Media Detox An Author Never Expected

Happy Saturday, my friends! I’m back! After a long while since November of last year, I’m finally back on the blog! And I’m excited about this not only because it's been awhile but I because this won't just be a single post for the month! Consistency just jumped along the bandwagon (hopefully). And I'll be... Continue Reading →

6 Ways Unity Can Become Reality

I don’t want to be another writer talking about how 2020 has been such a challenge for everyone. Instead, I’m going to talk about looking to make the future brighter no matter what year it is. Don’t the best views come from above? If so, why don’t we set our eyes on what’s above? Does... Continue Reading →

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