Beyond Shadow & Trial | Episode I | Chapter I

Below, you'll find the most current draft of the first chapter of the first episode of the "Beyond Shadow & Trial" saga. Please... if it is indeed possible, enjoy! In the end, justice would have its day. Revenge wouldn’t have its day. It would come mighty close to having it’s day. But never it would.... Continue Reading →


In this world of yelling, chanting, sending messages, protesting… listen. Yes, in order to listen, there must be someone who is not listening. And in order to listen, it requires giving up ourselves. Rights. That’s a thought we humans have gotten stamped into our minds. Especially here in America. We have no rights. We have... Continue Reading →

June Update: The Times They Are a’Changin’

Come writers and critics... Who prophesize with your pen... And keep your eyes wide... The chance won't come again... And don't speak too soon... For the wheel's still in spin... And there's no tellin' who... That it's namin'... For the loser now... Will be later to win... For the times they are a-changin' - Bob... Continue Reading →

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