Starting Today. Right Now.

Good morning!


Today marks the beginning of this blog! I’m so excited you found me out here in the Fire Swamp of blogs! I feel kind of lost, but no matter! Our course is clear. We shall brave this harsh Fire Swamp together and we will arise victorious. This is the first post of this blog. It’s a start, anyway. Not much, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, eh? So, for our first post, I’ll be sharing my experience as an author with you.

I am an author.


Always have been, always will be. Whether publication of any kind brings me towards any kind of financial success or not, I will always be an author. Even before my crusade with a particular set of stories that have seemed to do nothing but plague my existence, I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t coming up with some kind of fiction. In a folder marked “Stories”, I had dozens of documents no longer than three pages filled with fun ideas with unique worlds of their own I had explored. I even had a couple finished stories before the age of fourteen.

Then, one day, I took the advice of someone very dear to me and deleted pretty much ninety percent of those sketched out ideas. I still remember sending them all to the trash. It was on that old iMac we had as a family, the iMac with the swivel arm holding the monitor up (I adore vintage Apple technology, by the way. I apologize if I’ve just scared off a bunch of readers). Anyway.

But one day, I accepted a challenge set before me by my sister and decided to compete in National Novel Writing Month… an entire month ahead of schedule (with the promise I would not write in November for as many days I had written in October).

My life turned around.


It was during those few Fall months of the year I turned fourteen, my life changed on me and nothing would ever, ever, ever be the same. I was a new person. And I got bored with that first draft. I realized (the hard way) that my story was the living specimen of “boring”. But come to think of it, that first draft was so not alive that I could hardly call it a living specimen. So, I brought in something key to a successful story – a character goal.

Well, it’s all been jolly fun ever since. From character goals to maelstrom-portals to Mordor-like earth-domination-craving armies to landscapes of darkness as far as the eye can see to eight years of progress on that story to a high school diploma to a part-time job… and I am now here.

I had three years…


to get off me bum and do things and get a writing career off the ground while I did nothing but work that part-time job. And I tried. Believe me, really, I did try. But as a very wise creature once said, “do or do not… there is no try.” Thus, I cannot really say “despite my three failed attempts” because there was no forth attempt. At least, I believe there were only three. I can’t remember now. That. I can’t remember that. I can remember a great many things. I just cannot place my finger on how many times I tried starting up a career in independent authorhood. Thus, I failed three times.

But failure is better than never having tried at all. And you always learn even when you think you have failed at something. Even when you think you might have failed at what you set out to accomplish, you succeed in learning how to do it the right way or a better way the next time you try (you will try again, right?). Even that’s something to learn. Learning to try again is one of the biggest lessons you can learn. Believe me, it’s a lesson I’ve learning for some time. My failure was a success because it drove me to figure out how not start. It drove me to figure out that half-heartedness just doesn’t cut it.

Of course, I say that and I’m starting something in the middle of college. Why? Why am I starting this whole thing in my first BIG semester of college? Good question. It’s kind of on a whim.

I’ve been battling in my mind about it all. Go to college, wait to start the writing career, save money, then have enough money for a nice-looking blog? Or start now and hope college is okay while I’m doing it? Is there balance? Is there no balance? What is going on? I don’t know! I really have clue. I just have to dive in.

What I want to say is that I’m starting down this road and I hope I can keep going when the rubber hits the road (which is more than likely to be sooner rather than later). As a very wise Hobbit once said: “You step out onto the road and you don’t know where you’ll be swept off to.”



Some may say, why start in the midst of the crazy unsettledness of college? And to them, I say… why not? It’s not like things will be slowing down enough for me to think myself okay to procrastinate about it some more any time soon. It’s just… I’ve had enough of this back-and-forth debate in my mind. I’m doing it. I’m starting. Today. Right now. And… yes… I’m pep-talking myself and writing/talking it out for myself here on the internet. Well, I’m a writer. Hopefully, I can loosen the lips and fingers of writers like myself so we can all get the words that our fellow man needs to read.

Now… bring me that horizon.