Tips On How to Be a Full-Time College Student & a Part-Time, Self-Published Author

The life of a full-time college student is an often crammed one. That is, the schedule of a full-time college student is often crammed. Assignments due, multiple chapter readings, study periods whilst the family relaxes in the other room, and that kind of thing.

I am a college student. Which is why I brought up the schedule of a college student. Hence, I’ll be short on time for much of my life. Therefore, I won’t be able to commit to more than one post a month here on the site.

The amount of productivity going on with my independent author life will feel stagnatious and will make me feel like a bum, perhaps. But, no matter. I will strive for excellence despite what my feelings want me to think. And, if you wish to get deep, feelings are thoughts. So, I can’t tell my feelings (thoughts) to not think what I’m feeling (thinking). But I can certainly change my train of thought! But enough depth. We may not get out of this hole if it gets deep enough.

So, I’m just here to say that I’ll be managing a post a month, hopefully. And I’ve yet to find out if I’ll have time to podcast.

This is going to be a rough-n-tumble, bumpy, not-smooth-or-fun-at-all start to my side career as a self-published author. Not to mention, I’m still working on the final draft of Episode I.

Too much on my plate, you say? Have you actually read my earlier posts? Well, thank you if you have! You are a trouper! But… perhaps it might seem like too much on my plate. But it’s what I believe I need. It all keeps my free time from letting me become an absolute sloth.

Hey, at least I’ve already read the first preface and the first four chapters in my music textbook for thiscoming semester! And we still have four days and some change before the boulder begins to roll downhill and we assume leadership in the Damage Control department (or… before the semester starts).

Anyway. There you go. One blog post a month, we’ll see about podcasting, and I’m editing Episode I when I can.

See? Easy. Simple as this basket of eggs.

Now… bring me that horizon.