Brains v. Computers

In this age of computers, digital storage drives, and cloud storage, I realized that we humans have become horribly lax in the area of using our brains in comparison with earlier generations. I know this post won't be about writing and it doesn't really focus on the topic of writing in general. But I'm a... Continue Reading →

3 Tremendous Things to Remember While Editing

I am a writer. That's what I do. Writers also edit. That's what I'm doing as of now. It's been kind of a drag, like most editing projects are. Or really like how most writing-related projects are. But the key is that I'm still plugging away. And in my plugging away, despite the nagging teeth... Continue Reading →

1 Way to Know Your Writing Will Never Be Perfect

I wrote a 4-page essay the other day. I had all week to work on it. I wrote practically the entire thing in the last five hours within the deadline. And I’ll be honest, before yesterday, I had managed to figure out a few general specifics. I think I took care of those several days... Continue Reading →

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