1 Way to Know Your Writing Will Never Be Perfect

I wrote a 4-page essay the other day. I had all week to work on it.

I wrote practically the entire thing in the last five hours within the deadline.

And I’ll be honest, before yesterday, I had managed to figure out a few general specifics. I think I took care of those several days beforehand.

And I’d even managed to get a rough draft of the introductory paragraph out as well. But nonetheless, I submitted my essay with two minutes before the deadline and I still wasn’t satisfied with it.

But it’s not like it wouldn’t have been my first imperfectly completed assignment.


I wanted to share with you firsthand a recent experience of mine that even the work that will actually be graded (unlike stories which don’t necessarily get “graded”) is still imperfect sometimes.

I just wanted to share that and help inspire you if this something you’ve been dealing or struggling with.

As Christians, our imperfections and the imperfections we create should only magnify the perfection of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we focus on how bad we are and or how badly written or put together the things we write are, we take our focus off Christ and put it on ourselves. I won’t even ask the rhetorical if that honors God or not.

It’s doesn’t.

Yes, we must still strive for good writing and to “do all to the glory of God” (I Corinthians 10:31), but our imperfections should never detract from Christ’s perfection after we’ve striven to our very best for Him.

And even if our writing is perfect, who said we behaved in a perfect manner to get it to that point of perfection? What if you don’t take criticism humbly on the outside and on the inside? And wait… in order to make something perfect, it had to be imperfect. That means if you publish a story or a blog post or an article that is “perfect,” it means it had to start off being imperfect.

So, the idea of perfection existing at any point in the writing process is a fiction of the highest kind.

So, writing for the glory of God doesn’t just mean writing good writing that has no mistakes. Writing of the glory of God includes the mindset of the writer as he or she writes and what his or her intention is with his or her writing and who he or she is truly seeking to focus on and please with his or her writing.