Brains v. Computers

In this age of computers, digital storage drives, and cloud storage, I realized that we humans have become horribly lax in the area of using our brains in comparison with earlier generations.

I know this post won’t be about writing and it doesn’t really focus on the topic of writing in general. But I’m a writer and a Christian and this is a blog. Blogs are made to be written on. And blogs by Christians should make a point of getting on this subject every once in a while.

Besides, this post has to do with reading. And that might in some teeny-tiny way help you out with writing somehow. Know what I mean?


The human brain is the most intelligent organism ever created, yet we doubt its ability to do incredible things without the aid of some digital device. And we do manage to memorize things imperative to earning a grade, passing a test, or sustaining a job.

But what’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about the prospect of memorizing Scripture?

In my church, we are memorizing Isaiah 53. There are twelve verses in the chapter and we memorize one verse per month.

The first verse is pretty easy. Everything else is pretty daunting once you look at it after hearing or saying “memorize it.”

But if a little brain power was used to realize a tiny secret with immense revelation hiding inside it, we would see that we humans use many kinds of tools to help ourselves memorize a great many things when we have to for a test or a grade or a job.

But when it comes to that Bible, it’s a different story. So many words! So little time!

Take, for example, the idea of looking at memorizing one “hefty” verse in the context of the entire chapter. In comparison, it’s not that much.

How about assigning different images for each verse that when looked at in sequence can help our brains remember a structure to the chapter?

The human brain is so amazing, complex, and beautiful that no two are alike. Thus, I can’t believe that I’m the only one who could brainstorm ideas on how many ways one could memorize Scripture.

So, how about you? What are some ways you think the Lord could use our brains to strengthen and steepen our minds in His Word?