Non-Linear Blogging

Today, as a fun writing trick, I thought I’d publish today’s post in non-linear format. So, mostly, it’s the paragraphs out of order, but it might even be the sentences within the paragraphs that’ll be out of order.

But we’re not here to listen to me grip about writing.

That’s no fun. I just wish I would just sit down and rough draft these stories I’m having so many ideas for instead of coming out with more and more ideas until I’m on idea-overload.

Now I remember. Well, I didn’t listen to myself on that piece of advice. The big thing in my life that’s been holding me from writing as much is that (I think while I was writing) I told myself cleaning my room would be far too big a project to start in the middle of writing and it would push writing further and further back.

And I ended up cleaning my closet out and getting rid of a whole bunch of junk (sort of) and now there’s a huge pile of junk sitting in my room waiting to be gotten rid of in various places.

School’s been out about a week or so now and I’ve managed to keep busy outside of writing. I worked a full five days last week, I’ve been going chronologically through most of the Marvel movies as a precursor to going to see Avengers: Endgame, I’m sure I could find other excuses for not having done a whole lot of writing.

Well, here we are. It’s May 13th, the semester’s over, and the Battle of Procrastination has been raging for some time now. Instead of fighting the undying forces of nonstop school assignments, I’m fighting the even worser enemy of procrastination.

I did buy a brand new notebook after work on Saturday last week to redeem the time I had to wait for my ride. And I did come up with some pretty awesome ideas for The Ambassadors series! Characters from The Shattered Shadows saga are popping up in Ambassadors episodes and things are getting unexplainably fun and interesting!

On today’s schedule is Thor: Ragnarook (leaving only Avengers: Infinity War left for tomorrow), writing, writing, writing, writing, finishing up the massive process of cleaning my room, and… reading about writing and… reading chapter two of a Erckmann-Chatrian novel entitled: Waterloo.

And as for all the work that needs to be done requiring the act of writing… I’m not doing ‘get help.’