Humans All Are Powerless | Part 2

Writing is the greatest tool afforded to Man.

Writings have taught us our history. Writings have shown us the future. Writings have shown us what is possible today. Writings have enabled communication across generations and centuries. Writings have shown what has been done and Who has done it.

Writing is power. It’s rather mind-blowing the power writing is and has. To inform the minds of tomorrow of what the minds of today were and are thinking in their day helps generations to come to endure the race for good.

Indeed, past generations have looked at the historical monuments in the pages of history and have been inspired to do evil. There will always be men and women like that.

But that’s part of the job of writing – combatting those evils to come.

Combine these epic-sounding, almost proportionally-warped combination of words with the rather humorous concept of writer’s block and all the nuances and behavioral and you get an odd image.

If writing is so influential, why do humans constantly doubt themselves. Maybe its a feeling buried deep in the subconcious that because writing is so influential, we’re afraid to use that power of influence.

But the truth is we have the responsibility to write because we have the power and the strength to do it.

Perhaps you remember a certain superhero before he was ever cinematically rebooted in the 21st Century when his uncle gave him a magnificent piece of life advice. Well, it’s that same idea there. With great power comes great responsibility.

We’d love to hide in our writerly caves and dream up everything our writer minds can conjure and announce our plan to write all our ideas.

But without action, all that thought and all that dreaming mean nothing.

We’re either no better than bums on couches or we’re the humans employing one of the most powerful gifts afforded unto Man.

The thick fog of the writer’s life we like to hide in from the world and pretend to be geniuses in might be fun to linger in.

But writers, like all those who are gifted, must stand before Man and shine the Light into the dark emptiness of the perceived end of Man’s existence.

No matter how or what we feel about writing, we must remember it’s not just our writing. Someday, if we ever finish, it’ll be everyone’s reading.

That idea may scare most, but whoever said Mankind is basically good if doing good on such a scale as this is so hard?

We must write. For the very reason we are called writers and why we call ourselves writers is not because we dream and think. That’s what others do. We writers… we write. We give the “others” the things to think and dream about.

Why must we write? So the generations to come will know who left the planet behind for them and so that the generations to come will have the resolve to leave the planet in a better state than they were given it.

So, as we have been left the first and greatest Word by the First and Greatest Author, it is our duty to follow His example and leave behind our own writing to gratify past generations for having done their job and to inspire the generations to come to do their’s.