Whether We’re Looking Or Not

I was just contemplating the thought of if I lived to be one hundred years old as well as the thought that life is short.

It’s always a deep experience thinking about how the time flies in the little days of our lives. All we have to do is back up a few feet and look back at all the years we’ve lived so far and think about how all the minutes of all those hours, days, weeks, months, and years flew by to this moment that we are now in.

To be living in the 22ndCentury, eighty years after all the craziness of what’s going on today’s world will certainly be an experience, no matter how bland the day’s events may be on this day in eighty years.

And while contemplating just now, I also thought about how looking back at all the years I would have lived (if I am blessed with that much mortal life) in my life at that time and seen how fast the minutes of all those hours, all those days, all those weeks, all those, months, and all those years flew by to that moment in my 100thyear as human being.

And then I came back around to the thought I started this post with: life is short.

I guess this ties in with running the race, passing the baton, and using what little time we’ve been given for the greatest Good.

That is, if the Lord doesn’t return before we die.

It doesn’t seem like 100 is all that soon in my life or yours or anyone’s. But the hands of time continue to spin whether we’re looking at them or not.