20 Ways To Remember 2019

In this evening’s post, five days from Christmas, I would like to talk about remembering five things from this past year. A great deal more than just five things, as a matter of fact.

Instead of whipping up the usual new year resolutions most of us like to con ourselves into thinking we’ll get done in the year we resolve to get them done, I was thinking we should think of things we accomplished this past year and things we didn’t accomplish this past year.

Looking back on 2019, think of…

  1. Five good things you got done
  2. Five things you didn’t get done
  3. Five good things you did that you didn’t plan to get done but did anyway
  4. Five things you did that you aren’t at all proud of that they happened

Twenty in all.

Now, for some of us naysayers, that last one might include things that had started off as altruistic life goals such as entrepreneurial endeavors, relationships, or some kind of financial steps. But don’t include those kind of things (if they happened to you, that is) in that last category of “things you aren’t at all proud of.” Those actually belong in the “things you didn’t get done” or some other category of your own I haven’t personally thought of.

And why would I tell you to remember the bad things as well as the good things? Read on.

Think Of Five Good Things You Got Done

For example, one good thing I got done was I started up my Instagram and followed it through, even though it took me a few months to get on the ball after I started it up to start posting consistently, and now I have a rather lively Instagram writing account. That’s a step I needed to take in order to further my platform as an independent author!

Think Of Five Things You Didn’t Get Done

One thing I didn’t get done was I didn’t podcast nearly as much as I would have liked. Like most plans most people make, I was always inspired the most to carry them out when I was at work when I had no ability to actually podcast. I would get all excited and get lots of ideas for the podcast, but then when I got home, all that inspiration went down the drain.

How about you?

Think Of Five Good Things You Did That You Didn’t Plan to Get Done But Did Anyway

One good thing I did that I didn’t plan to get done but did anyway was I laid out a long-term plan to get my current multi-episode Work in Progress drafted. And furthermore, I stuck to it. That was rather surprising. That wasn’t something I had planned at the outset of the year to do, but rough drafting the saga was something I had known had to be done. I just didn’t have a campaign plan to do it.

How about you?

Think Of Five Things You Did That You Aren’t At All Proud of That They Happened

One thing I did that I am not at all proud of that it happened is I failed a health class in college. I have also managed to retake the class and do the one thing I missed in the class which allowed me to go from a solid A to an F the first time around. So, I have since addressed what I could have done better in that scenario. But I’ll tell you now. Finding out on the last day of class that there was no possible way for me to right this wrong which I had weeks to do was horrifying. But I moved on despite the fact that my degree is still set back because of it.

How about you?

In Conclusion

Your turn. Think of at least one to five of each of those things concerning yourself.

Instead of just thinking about next year and trying to forget about this past year, if it’s been a year you’d rather forget or not, think of this coming year as a way to do last year the right way.

They’re the same years, just with different numbers.

Don’t try to drown out any failures you may have experienced. Because without the darkness of failure, what impact at all does the brightness of success have?

Think of all the things you could do better this coming year. Think of all the possibilities that could happen if you tried to do more of the good things you recall doing.

Don’t make starting this coming new year a time of forgetting last year, but of making this coming year better than last year.

Outdo yourself!

That’s why I would tell you to remember the bad things as well as the good things.