Operation: Civilization’s Sanity

Today, we’re talking about a quote that a writer said that @storytellermindset shared on Instagram.

“The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.”

– Albert Camus

The Power of Writers Over the World

Much of the time on the great stage of life, we humans can believe stories and art to be non-beneficial and not worth the time of anyone and may be more inclined to believe the left-minded things of life are actually worth someone’s time.

But stories are more important than one can ever know. Seeing how every writer and reader are different, there is no one reason that defines everyone’s exact reason why they need stories.

Yes, I say “need.”

The Darkness of a Writer When He Becomes Blind To His Purpose

I know about myself that sometimes I can become horribly unfaithful in my writing.

I wonder… “what in the world am I doing? I’m just sitting and putting words on a page that only I ever look at. And what do I gain from it? I knew what I was meaning to say with what I wrote even if its not entirely clear to anybody else, supposing anybody else were to look at it. Isn’t the point of my writing for others to gain from it? I’m gaining practically nothing! What is any of this even worth? Will people even gain from it? Will they gain what I’m hoping they will gain from it? Will they gain something entirely different? Will they completely misunderstand me? And I don’t know what any of it’s worth nor what people will gain from it or not misinterpret about it because no one has ever seen it.”

And I fall into that mental pit much of the time.

It’s hard.

Maybe that’s a fault of my own, not sharing my work. But still, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

And I wonder and wonder “what in the world am I doing?”

Tearing myself apart now so that civilization decades from now, when the public thinks I’m good, won’t tear itself apart, some consolation would be much appreciated. Which is where Camus’ quote comes into play.

The Mission of This Writer

But I read Camus’ quote and I am reminded… my mission is to keep civilization from destroying itself.

When I remember that my writing life is something of a superhero life, one of sacrifice (which shouldn’t every life be something of a superhero life?), something that I have striven to have as my focus for the recent years of my existence as a writer, then my faith in what the Lord has called me to do is refilled to the brim as the Spirit opens my eyes when my natural man has closed them to look inwardly.

In order to give myself meaning as a writer, I must be writing for the glory of my God and Savior in Heaven. That’s really the only writing that has any worth at all.

A writer does so much more than just put words down in a word processing document or on a sheet of paper. And the weight and effect of those words is so much greater on the brain than meets the eye.

The Power of Writers

Writing is not just this thing that you do. It’s not just your stories. Your books. Your quirkiness. Your characters. Your Pinterest boards. It’s a mission to keep the world from destroying itself by not reminding it of the humanity that it is capable of. And with the words you write, you humbly split the skin of your thoughts and spill the blood of honesty. This kind of exposure… it changes people.

If they use their gifts wholly to their entire effect, writers hold great power.