Something You Might Not Know About Valentines Day

Hello, all! I’m back with some exciting news!

Just the other day, Taylor Bennet on Instagram ( helped me gain a new perspective on the recent holiday of Valentines Day! I’ve always thought of it rather dogmatically as only the celebration of romantic love.

Being of that age and not having been in the psyche of a person a generation older than myself, the chances of my thinking only in terms of romance are increasingly heightened.

Valentines Day was last week on Friday. So, I admit that this post is rather late. But only in terms of dates. Because it can never be too late or too early to read something on love.

I’ve been a cashier for the past four and a half years. And I’ve worked each one of those four Valentines Days. And having never officially been in any kind of romantic relationship, I’ve never thought of it as a holiday pertaining to myself.

I just kind of keep quiet about the whole holiday, do my job, and get out of there a little faster than I would on any other regular day of the week.

And since I’ve started my job at Dollar Tree, I have come to notice there are many people who view this holiday differently.

I had never given this holiday much thought at all about its origins, purposes, or meaning to those around me. And we’re counting the billions of customers as “those around me.”

It’s become more and more apparent that (this occurrence of “apparently” didn’t happen just this year) it’s a holiday for many females to get a whole bunch of “stuff” to send out to all their friends and all that.

My old point of view was that guys could be into it. But only if they were in relationships, committed or not (haha?). But that description didn’t fit me.

So, I was overjoyed to stumble upon this realization and understanding, more inclusive perspective on Valentines Day!

But seems how I had stumbled upon the realization this year that this year is the first year that I am the only one of my siblings to not be in a relationship. So, I’m just kind of out here center stage, taking in all the relationship worries, the lack thereof in my life, and the joys of being single and trying to not feel lonely and all that that entails.

Like a boss, in other words, I’m being centerstage on the singles’ stage.


Taylor Bennet told me about how she thought of Valentines Day.

And in her eyes, it’s not so much a guy thing considering the (over)abundance of girl things, pink, flowers, and sweets.

By the way, I should mention this. I had never actually gotten as deep an opinion as Taylor’s on this holiday. As a matter of fact, I never really got any opinion on it from anyone. So, hearing her on it was rather eyeopening!

She also explained her family’s Valentines Day traditions and their centeredness on the concept of all kinds of love and not just the romantic love most of us might think of off hand (or that I think of off hand).

But. As I said. This Valentines Day. I was the only one in my family not “with” someone.

So, this year, it was a tad weirder.

Because I had siblings on both sides in relationships. And I’m not. But…


Despite those feelings of real solitude and the fact I wasn’t just thinking about how I’m just another person who hasn’t gotten there yet and that the fact that I was the “last” one, this year’s Valentines Day was “an absolute win!” As Mr. Hulk would put it.

For work, I got dressed up. And by “dressed up,” I mean I wore white shirt instead of a green one and I wore a red tie instead of no tie.

I had a feeling people were gonna have to take a step back. Because I’m just that good looking. ;P

And they did. I blew a few people a few steps back when they saw me sporting that red tie and white shirt.

Okay. I try to remain neutral on my looks. I hate pretentiousness and am very shy when it comes to accepting compliments on how I look naturally. It’s not like I did anything to make it look this way.

Just sort of happened.


And seems how work has become less and less of a thing to dread for me these past few months considering that I enjoy using my smile and manner for the Lord’s glory, Valentines Day was just another reason (as though I needed it) to be a testimony of the Lord’s love even more.

Happy Belated Valentines Day, everybody!

And do everybody a favor and don’t just use the holiday to celebrate what the holiday celebrates.

The holiday is only there to celebrate the love that’s already there. Otherwise, why would be celebrating it? So, don’t be afraid but be bold in sharing love everywhere you go as often as you can.

Because it’s not just another holiday where you have to buy balloons because you have to.

All of it’s symbolic of what should already be there in your hearts.