Writers, Reach for the Heavens | Part 1

Giving readers and audiences an image (and a feeling is something of an image, right?) gives them a single thing to hold onto in your work of art and that unites people.

But the best kind of image that people can hold onto in a piece of art is one that unites them with God.

This thing called writing is an act of creation. The first One to create was God.

Creating. This is the closest thing to doing something God-like we can do. Perhaps that’s why artists feel so inadequate when they create or attempt to create.

But our feelings of inadequacy should never keep us from creating.

This is only the constant reminder that we are not God and that only God can create something perfect and create it perfectly.

Perhaps we don’t feel like our writing can say all we want it to say in the number of words we want to say it in. Perhaps we feel like our words will be misconstrued before we can get our point across.

Perhaps we feel like we can get to vague sometimes and by our own making, we fail to do what we set out to do.

There are a lot of unknowns in the act of creating. But we cannot let that keep us from creating.

When you let something out of you, it’s a completely honest thing you’re doing. You are opening up yourself to the world. It’s a humbling thing. And being humble is not a trait that comes naturally to humans.

To create is to be humble and to be humble is to be anything but human.

The inadequacy readers feel when they see your brutal honesty in your writing is what makes them lash out at you for being and doing what they could not.

It’s all about being humble and honest. If you can be humble enough and honest enough with what you create, you show the world a bare spot on the underbelly of human thought.

This humility that exposes our own selves lifts us up in the eyes of readers. But we are not any different from them. We are just given the gifts to be able to put it all down on paper and to want to put it all down on paper.

It’s a God-like act to create. So, the next time you’re writing or creating something and you feel doubt about yourself, shake it off and remember that your own feelings are at war with themselves because part of you is reaching to the heavens for a non-human perspective.