Writers, Reach for the Heavens | Part 2

Shake off the doubt and respectfully accept the difference between heavenly feelings and Earthly feelings.

Part of the Earthly understanding of those heavenly feelings is the sense of weightlessness, of flight, of peace, of tranquility.

Terri Main once said: “You are a writer. The ‘normal’ ship sailed without you long ago.”

And part of being onboard the ‘normal’ ship is speeding up in life to fill our lives up with things we may not fully recognize as what really are distractions.

As grow, life gets complicated. And for some reason, we decide to make it even more complicated by making it busier than it already gets without us doing anything.

We live in a world of constant, unchanging pace. Our phones, our cars, our everything. It all has sped up. All to the effect of slowing down our real lives.

We’ve sped up so much in our lives that even a short line at the grocery store seems to make such a negative influence in our minds because that short line is just slowing our “real” lives of busyness down.

We don’t appreciate living in the moment as much as we should. Sure, many of us agree and smile at warm reminders to live in the moment.

But how many of us really remember to do that for much longer than just the next few minutes or hours after that friendly reminder?

So, as writers, our main job is to slow down time and observe. This slowing down is important to do in life.

And perhaps this idea of slowing down is connected with the idea of actually being writers, dissectors of the depths of the human soul, pointers to those things that enlighten the human soul.

It’s a humbling thing to bring out the rawness in our lives for others to read about and connect with.

So, in addition to opening our deepest selves up to scrutiny, we are slowing down the world in our minds. These are two things “normal” human beings don’t do much of.

I’m not saying they never do it. Because there are those that slow down at night and read and slow down in that regard.

But writers slow down even further than readers. I’m reminded of the dream state levels in the Christopher Nolan’s film Inception

So, to put a little food for thought into that “the ‘normal’ ship sailed without you long ago” quote, this being weird because I’m a writer mentality is something of a myth.

Writers are beings that slow down and delve deep into the human imagination, into human thought, and into human feeling.

“Normal” people or non-writer people don’t do things like that.

As a writer, it’s hard for me to think that most people out there don’t do this kind of thing I do – this noticing of every little detail.

Slowing down means you are coming to appreciate life. People like to chain themselves to work and busyness and never stopping. It gives them a false sense of belonging. Because underneath, they just might not have figured things out.

So, they try to look they have got things figured out and they also are too busy to stop and reveal about themselves that they haven’t figured it all out.

Ever wonder why so much of today’s world feels shallow? It’s because it seems to be made up of so many people who seem to have very little underneath their own skins to offer.

So. Shake off the doubt, the facade. Slow down. Delve deep. Think. Acknowledge the existence of both heavenly and Earthly feelings. Respectfully accept the difference.

And write.

There are two ships in life. You get on one. Or you get on the other. You are normal. Or you are a writer.