You Can See Something Most Others Cannot

As travelers go around the world and report natural objects and phenomena, so let another stay at home and report the phenomena of his own life.

Henry David Thoreau

I made an Instagram post awhile ago.

And the post was about how sometimes we don’t have to be the ones with the amazing, beautiful, best poem, story, or book. Sometimes life is just listening to the music of others. And in listening to the music instead of feeling this kind of strain to get something out there for followers to enjoy, we are engaging in balancing the symphony of art.

In the orchestra, the strings can’t play all day, the percussion can’t play all day, the chordophones can’t play all day, and no one section can…

Well, one section can take dominance over the others. But this is an orchestra of life and art. It takes many, many years. It’s lifelong. So, each section of the orchestra has to help balance everyone out by taking breaks so that the other sections can have their moment in the sun.

And what is it about balance that makes it so desirable? Humans desire balance. It is a seemingly unattainable yet irrevocably desirable element we crave in all our lives.

There have been games I’ve played, pieces of music I’ve put on repeat, movies I’ve watched repeatedly… and every time I have something like that, I think that the attention I’m giving to whatever it is I’m giving it to will never die out. I’ve lived long enough to see myself thinking those thoughts and I remember al the times that the attention DOES in fact die out. We have phases. We have movements, like in musical symphonies.

And we all embody the movements of art. We have to catch our breaths, rest our arms, and turn the pages of the music eventually.

In that same way, the world needs the balance of art in where we find the art. We can’t all go off to far off lands to be writers. Some of us have to stay in our own backyards to remind the dreamy-eyed world of readers about the concept of the backyard. You may spark a point of view in a nuanced and precious way a reader never considered while looking at their own backyard.

While others are hanging off mountains, capturing great desserts, and encapsulating jungles deep in the wild… some of us need to hang out in, capture, and encapsulate daily life. And if you think about it long enough… you’ll find a truly beautiful way to open the eyes of readers to the beauty of home.

You just… never… know.