June Update: The Times They Are a’Changin’

Come writers and critics… Who prophesize with your pen… And keep your eyes wide… The chance won’t come again… And don’t speak too soon… For the wheel’s still in spin… And there’s no tellin’ who… That it’s namin’… For the loser now… Will be later to win… For the times they are a-changin’

– Bob Dylan

Hey, there! I’m back! And consistency hasn’t really been showcased as a forte of mine, has it? Let me tell you before we get too far in… this post is really just a life update.

It’s not really a post writers can glean much if anything from in their writing lives. Other than inspiration to forge ahead in their own lives.

Those ten days at the beach certainly did me good. I got some writing in with a fellow writer during some of the nighttime hours while there. At times, it was a confusing time. It was like quarantine, only you’re actually supposed to do nothing.

I did fall behind on a few things which did have me guilt tripping. I wish I’d been productive about things I’d said I was going to be productive on while I was there.

And truth be told, I spent more time in a hot tub than in the ocean. And after the hot tub was even colder than the beach was most of the time. So, thankfully but unfortunately, I didn’t spend most of my time exhausted from wading in to, out of, and through the shallows of the Atlantic.

But no matter which way one slices it, I’m glad I had the break. Especially after two-and-one-half months of no on-the-clock time. Plus, just a few days before my trip to the shore, I got an offer for an interview.

I don’t even remember when I applied for that particular job. And I thought that option was up a while ago. But I got the job and I start on Monday the 15th!

Since I’ve been back from the beach, I rallied my emotional and psychological troops and forged ahead to pay for driving lessons. And now already I have all the driving lessons I need under my belt!

In good time, I’ll have the money and the driver’s license to get myself a car and end the days of being chauffeured everywhere!

Life’s about to get a ton busier. I’ll be going out about three or four days a week. So, now I won’t have to sit around the house not using my time to share thoughtful writer thoughts on quotes.