6 Ways Unity Can Become Reality

I don’t want to be another writer talking about how 2020 has been such a challenge for everyone. Instead, I’m going to talk about looking to make the future brighter no matter what year it is.

Don’t the best views come from above? If so, why don’t we set our eyes on what’s above? Does making life better mean impeaching governors who insist on forcing lockdowns on the people? For some, absolutely. But I was mostly thinking of ways to combat anything people are faced with.

Look for the good, accept the bad, tolerate the existence of both, fight to extinguish that which is bad, and fight to improve that which is good.

Let’s try to change our definition of what actually changes the world. Let’s do the next thing that comes along in our lives.

If we didn’t have our eyes so much on all society and how it needs to change, let’s try and think about ourselves for a time. As selfish as that might seem. Let’s think about how we might need to change.

Let’s Work on Changing Ourselves

It is the minutes that make up the hours and the hours that make up the days, are they not? So, we humans make up the families that make up society.

Let’s work on each other.

Let’s work on loving each other.

Let’s work on sacrificing for others.

Let’s work on focusing on what’s truly loving.

Let’s focus on depleting from our lives destructive thoughts and ideologies.

Let’s work on disagreeing in peace.

Let’s work on understanding what peace really is.

And only by thinking, writing, figuring it out, discussing, contemplating, exchanging ideas, being open to casting aside falsehoods, admitting our wrongs, pulling out our baby teeth of our inexperience, letting the adult teeth of wisdom grow in, and growing can we truly unite and pursue peace, life, liberty, and happiness.

Writing is so very, very important. Writing is not just fantasy lands with weird cultures and deep, dark, depressed characters with amazing combat skills. Writing is irrevocable thinking. And if you can’t write, that means you can’t face the darkness, inexperience, and lack of wisdom that lies within.

Writing Must Happen

It’s hard to write. But writing must happen.

These days, most writing we see is blurted out rants on social media. Social media has destroyed communication and thus has destroyed relationships of any and all kinds.

We need to communicate better. And in order to do that, we have to think better. And in order to think better, we have to write and know what we’re thinking.


  1. Look for the good!
  2. Accept the bad!
  3. Tolerate the existence of both!
  4. Fight to extinguish that which is bad!
  5. Fight to improve that which is good!
  6. Write!