5 Problems With Enjoying Nostalgia


I’m sure I’m not the only one. But I’ve been feeling rather down lately.

And maybe when I say lately I only mean for about thirty minutes a few days ago. And those thoughts just had an aftertaste that’ve been hanging onto my mind but haven’t really been at center stage.

Earlier this week, I looked back at the good times I had while I edited Episode I this year. This year has to be the year I got the most editing done of Episode I.

I got through the entire draft in six months. It would’ve been done sooner had I not had to work in dealing with nine weeks of nausea and complete incapacitation coming and going with each day of treatment.


I watched North by Northwest over and over and over again while editing Episode I, usually starting it at my favorite scenes. Pet scenes are my favorite to watch. Hence, they’re called ‘pet scenes.’

I can go back and watch a scene now in North by Northwest and taste the coffee in the morning I had during those times, think about the chapter names I was dealing with at the time, remember considering how far the book had come over the years at that time, how it was shaping up to its final state, and how it would not have any further versions to be edited and transformed into… finally arriving.

And then I feel myself slipping into an emotional coma of sorts. Maybe that’s the wrong choice of words. But I certainly feel like I just slip into a sluggish state of mind, just soaking in all the good times.

And I have to get up and keep going. I can’t let nostalgia bog me down.

If I let nostalgia bog me down, I’m laying the groundwork for some bad memories of just sitting around remembering the good times and not getting anything done.

The ironic thing about good memories is you have to keep making them!

Another favorite pastimes of mine is listen to the music I listened to during the different times of my life. But I’ll get lost in just listening to that music, remembering the different situations and people I was involved with at the time. But I always feel myself slipping into a golden sea swallowing me whole to keep me from keeping on going and living.

I can hear a song or watch a scene I’d listen to or watch a great deal during the good times and I am immediately transported emotionally to that time as well as to the feeling of knowing I can’t actually be in that time ever again. I’m here now. Remembering that time. Not living it.


Although the work is done and I’ve put my very soul into the piece of work and feel almost like as I finish the work, I should be laid to rest myself, I then realize…

“Oh. I’m still here. Oh, no!”

And it’s like being Steve Rogers waking up at the end of The First Avenger – “I had a date.”

That’s what writing is like. And then I come back. And I have to live the life I’ve been so graciously afforded.

Steve could’ve just wallowed in his misery of having lost Peggy and not helped the Avengers or the world at all.

But to show how much he cared about Peggy instead of himself, Steve got up and started putting himself into the good causes he found around himself or the good causes that found him.

The tough times are part of what make the good times so good. Because the best good memories are the ones that we felt relief from in the midst of the tough times. The best good times wouldn’t be the best good times if they hadn’t happened amidst the not so good times.


There has therefore been a good deal of nostalgia scampering around my mind. And I have to make sure it doesn’t keep me from getting anything done.

So that’s why I’m going to try to get to Episode II as soon as possible!

What are your thoughts on nostalgia? Could it be a close friend of procrastination’s?