Why I Don’t Hate White Christmas | Part I

We have to be sure we don’t trip and stumble right into the wrong ourselves while we’re so righteously not evil like those in our lives we despise for doing wrong.

Who knows, we may not have all the information.

I’ve never disliked a Christmas movie for any reason. Unless it was a cheap Hallmark movie. But for some reason, there are those who don’t like an entire movie because of one character’s unreasonable behavior.

One of the characters in the film, White Christmas makes the decision to take news at face value and to furthermore not try to confirm what she hears to make sure whether she’s correct in thinking what she’s thinking. This characters hears secondhand information and that dictates much of the latter part of the film.

And while some may not like the film, I like White Christmas because this particular characters comes back after realizing they’ve been in the wrong. Everyone gets over this big misunderstanding, realizes if they’re in the wrong, and everyone moves on.

I like White Christmas because it includes this character completely unwilling to hear the truth because it hurts and that means admitting being wrong. Yes, it’s frustrating to see it all happen.

Every year, watching the same dumb lack-of-communication happen when it can be so easily avoided, I can understand can be rather frustrating.

But one of the things good stories do is remind us how evil certain attitudes can be. People say they don’t like the line of action followed by this stubborn character in White Christmas. But then they turn around complicate life itself with the same behavior. That’s more frustrating.

Although as a writer of stories, there’s nothing like throwing in a character that won’t listen to reason or stick around to ask the right question to complicate the whole plot. If you don’t know where to go with your writing, just have someone bring in secondhand information and have someone else hear said secondhand information and believe it without confirming it.