Welcome to the Scribe of Steel

Hi there! Welcome! Dillie. Samuel Dillie.

I’m a podcaster, a writer, and a publishing author-entrepreneur!

A Quick Introduction

I’ve been an unpublished author for… well, my whole life. But the story that has me almost there to the state of being a published author has been in the works for nine years now. I still remember that October in 2014… nine years ago… yesterday…

I’ve made so many mistakes along the way and I want to share my point of view on what I’ve learned throughout the years and what I’m still learning and the insights I’m stumbling upon throughout my journey.

The Podcast

A bit more depth, a bit more fun, but not a bit too much.

The Blog

I published my book.

Hello, loyal readers. Once again I come to you sounding like one of those blogging writers in movies about writers to tell you I have published my book. Scratch that. I have self-published my book. Personal autonomy and all that. What does it feel like to come this far and actually self-publish my book? After…

Why I Don’t Hate White Christmas | Part II

Why I also like White Christmas is because it’s a movie that centers on veterans dealing with civilian life after fighting a war of horrors fought protect freedom. The film shows in both wartime and peacetime communal efforts coming together to appreciate the effort and sacrifice of others and to remind all they’re not forgotten.…

Why I Don’t Hate White Christmas | Part I

We have to be sure we don’t trip and stumble right into the wrong ourselves while we’re so righteously not evil like those in our lives we despise for doing wrong. Who knows, we may not have all the information. I’ve never disliked a Christmas movie for any reason. Unless it was a cheap Hallmark…