Welcome to the Scribe of Steel

Hi there! Welcome! Dillie. Samuel Dillie.

I’m a podcaster, a writer, and a publishing author-entrepreneur!

A Quick Introduction

I’ve been an unpublished author for… well, my whole life. But the story that has me almost there to the state of being a published author has been in the works for nine years now. I still remember that October in 2014… nine years ago… yesterday…

I’ve made so many mistakes along the way and I want to share my point of view on what I’ve learned throughout the years and what I’m still learning and the insights I’m stumbling upon throughout my journey.

The Podcast

A bit more depth, a bit more fun, but not a bit too much.

The Blog

5 Problems With Enjoying Nostalgia

A PRODUCTIVE INTERRUPTION I’m sure I’m not the only one. But I’ve been feeling rather down lately. And maybe when I say lately I only mean for about thirty minutes a few days ago. And those thoughts just had an aftertaste that’ve been hanging onto my mind but haven’t really been at center stage. Earlier […]