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Hi there! Welcome! Dillie. Samuel Dillie.

I’m a podcaster, a writer, and a publishing author-entrepreneur!

A Quick Introduction

I’ve been an unpublished author for… well, my whole life. But the story that has me almost there to the state of being a published author has been in the works for nine years now. I still remember that October in 2014… nine years ago… yesterday…

I’ve made so many mistakes along the way and I want to share my point of view on what I’ve learned throughout the years and what I’m still learning and the insights I’m stumbling upon throughout my journey.

The Podcast

A bit more depth, a bit more fun, but not a bit too much.

The Blog

6 Ways Unity Can Become Reality

I don’t want to be another writer talking about how 2020 has been such a challenge for everyone. Instead, I’m going to talk about looking to make the future brighter no matter what year it is. Don’t the best views come from above? If so, why don’t we set our eyes on what’s above? Does… Continue Reading →

Let Me Finish

Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted. – Jules Renard  Several years ago, I was given the opportunity to have the attention of some two or three hundred individuals. It was an experience I had had four times before for the same event. But this year was the year I had something… Continue Reading →

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