In this world of yelling, chanting, sending messages, protesting… listen. Yes, in order to listen, there must be someone who is not listening. And in order to listen, it requires giving up ourselves. Rights. That’s a thought we humans have gotten stamped into our minds. Especially here in America. We have no rights. We have... Continue Reading →

Something You Might Not Know About Valentines Day

Hello, all! I’m back with some exciting news! Just the other day, Taylor Bennet on Instagram ( helped me gain a new perspective on the recent holiday of Valentines Day! I’ve always thought of it rather dogmatically as only the celebration of romantic love. Being of that age and not having been in the psyche... Continue Reading →

Humans All Are Powerless | Part 2

Writing is the greatest tool afforded to Man. Writings have taught us our history. Writings have shown us the future. Writings have shown us what is possible today. Writings have enabled communication across generations and centuries. Writings have shown what has been done and Who has done it. Writing is power. It's rather mind-blowing the... Continue Reading →

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