6 Ways Unity Can Become Reality

I don’t want to be another writer talking about how 2020 has been such a challenge for everyone. Instead, I’m going to talk about looking to make the future brighter no matter what year it is. Don’t the best views come from above? If so, why don’t we set our eyes on what’s above? Does... Continue Reading →

Beyond Shadow & Trial | Episode I | Chapter I

Below, you'll find the most current draft of the first chapter of the first episode of the "Beyond Shadow & Trial" saga. Please... if it is indeed possible, enjoy! In the end, justice would have its day. Revenge wouldn’t have its day. It would come mighty close to having it’s day. But never it would.... Continue Reading →

3 Tremendous Things to Remember While Editing

I am a writer. That's what I do. Writers also edit. That's what I'm doing as of now. It's been kind of a drag, like most editing projects are. Or really like how most writing-related projects are. But the key is that I'm still plugging away. And in my plugging away, despite the nagging teeth... Continue Reading →

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