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Shattered Shadows | Episode I

Being the first installment of a heart-wrenching tale, ‘Shattered Shadows | Episode I’ introduces an abundance of characters filled with family struggles, personal identity problems, and forgiveness issues.

The Gates family was a happy family until an old “friend” of Mr. Gates’ appears one day on a mysterious vessel, murders the joy of the family, and disappears again all within the space of twenty minutes.

Lawrence Gates, the only son, is gutted by the loss of his mother and his sister’s kidnapping. Driven by bitterness, he strives to forget but cannot even after a decade. His father, Jerome Gates, meanwhile, is busy hunting for clues in search of Drake.

Meanwhile, Drake’s own family of three sons are having a ball duking it out with their father over life choices and personal opinions, particularly concerning the lifestyle and beliefs of their father.

Drake is involved in a dastardly plot for world-domination using armies birthed, trained, and brainwashed in a world formed inside our very own terrestrial ball as a means to carry out his vengeance on the Gates family even further.

Family paths cross in this first installment of the saga and life choices and decisions which once seemed only to ever happen in the world of stories and fantasy must be made in this tale of gnashing bitterness and steep forgiveness.

Coming Fall 2019.