The Shattered Shadows Saga

Some of you may be aware of my foremost work in progress, Shattered Shadows | Episode I. Others may be in a state of absolute, unmitigated discombobulation. Either way, here are some quick facts on the work.

Drawing board book cover. Not official.

Title: Shattered Shadows | Episode I | Darkness Silent, Darkness Deep (working title)

Genre: Action/Adventure

Episode I First Draft Started: October 2011

Episode I First Draft Finished: Januaryish 2012

Episode I Status: Writing sixth draft

Episode I Current Word Count: 60,912


A twisted family drama which distorts the established order of the Gates family begins in the middle of the 18thCentury.

A deep friendship between two gentlemen years before chapter one of Episode I hits the page was ripped apart by the love of an innocent, young lady.

Edwin Drake cannot stand the sight of the young lady leaving his side for the arm of his best friend, Jerome Gates.

Such a bitterly planted seed of feeling slighted, rejected, and forsaken fuels Drake to a life of revenge.

As this first episode of the saga begins, Lawrence Gates, Jerome Gates’ son, must come to learn to live with only his father at the age of ten, his sister and mother taken from him and his father.

These young years are the pliable, molding years where Lawrence Gates’ identity is determined.

Ten years after the horrific shattering of his family, Lawrence takes the helm of one of his father’s ships on a quest to reunite his family, whether they be dead… or alive.

On his quest, he stumbles upon a world born of good intention poisoned with more good intention yet blinded by the deep-seeded rage and torment of Edwin Drake’s soul.

In this tale of heartbreak, forbearance, and sufferance, Lawrence’s father, Jerome Gates, Lawrence’s friends, Lawrence’s fellow shipmates, Lawrence’s enemies, and Lawrence Gates all face what this life had in store for them before they came to know they would bare these burdens for life.