The Ambassadors Saga

The Ambassadors are a group of “superheroes” you could say that protect the domains found in the inter-Earth world we see in the Shattered Shadows saga.

The idea of them conceived while pondering Avengers movies’ themes as well as political ideas in various areas, they have now come to be an integral part of the Shattered Shadows storyline.

It’s all coming together in the rough drafting process and things are getting exciting!

So far, the rough draft outline of all the episodes are as follows:

This outline is just a rough idea, as I mentioned, so the alignment is prone to change.

All characters face deeply-threaded lies, old friends turning against them, and, of course, betrayal. Some of them, maybe even all of them, will come into contact with the main characters of the Shattered Shadows saga.

With each act of the series, the stakes and themes faced and examined will rise in intensity and magnitude. The meaning of the worth of fighting, who the real enemy is, and which fights matter will become stronger and stronger until the very end.

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