Beyond Shadow & Trial | Episode I | Chapter I

Below, you'll find the most current draft of the first chapter of the first episode of the "Beyond Shadow & Trial" saga. Please... if it is indeed possible, enjoy! In the end, justice would have its day. Revenge wouldn’t have its day. It would come mighty close to having it’s day. But never it would.... Continue Reading →

Writers, Reach for the Heavens | Part 2

Shake off the doubt and respectfully accept the difference between heavenly feelings and Earthly feelings. Part of the Earthly understanding of those heavenly feelings is the sense of weightlessness, of flight, of peace, of tranquility. Terri Main once said: “You are a writer. The ‘normal’ ship sailed without you long ago.” And part of being... Continue Reading →

Humans All Are Powerless | Part 2

Writing is the greatest tool afforded to Man. Writings have taught us our history. Writings have shown us the future. Writings have shown us what is possible today. Writings have enabled communication across generations and centuries. Writings have shown what has been done and Who has done it. Writing is power. It's rather mind-blowing the... Continue Reading →

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